Day of Wedding Coordination:

This package provides you with my day of wedding coordination services. I work to provide you with a smoothly ran, stress free day. It allows not only you, but your family and friends to enjoy the day to the fullest without the worry of decor, coordination of all your vendors, or the timeline for your day. Package includes:

  • Ceremony and/or reception site visit with coordinator (if the venue is one that I have not coordinated at in the past).
  • Planning session 2-3 weeks out from your wedding where we will together create a master plan for your wedding day.  The questions that we go over together will help us create a vision for your day and we will formulate a timeline and plan.  This is also shared with your vendors so that they are kept in the loop with all the plans for the day.
  • Rehearsal Coordination. I choreograph and teach all of your bridal party where to walk, where to stand, and generally what to expect the day of. 
  • Vendor coordination. 1-2 weeks from your wedding date, I will make confirmation calls and or emails to all of your vendors and provide each of them with a timeline for the day, confirm their arrival time on the wedding day, what supplies they are to bring, what expectations have been agreed on between the bride and groom and the vendor, and to secure a contact person for the wedding day. I also will provide the vendor with my contact information for any questions on the wedding day.
  • Supervision of placement of decorations (ceremony & reception), centerpieces, tablecloths, flowers, etc.
  • Ceremony coverage.  I will help cue musicians, DJ, Ushers and Bridal party so they all know when to start.  With my cues and my help, all members of the bridal party will have a smooth entrance down the aisle.  Before the bride heads down the aisle, I will make sure everything is in place, her train is ready, flowers in hand, music is cued, and I will cue her entrance.
  • Reception Coverage.  I will work with the venue facilitator, or head server with the catering company to confirm the schedule for the reception.  I will also work with your photographer, videographer, DJ, and or band to make sure your special events for the evening such as cake cuttting, first dance, etc are captured. 
  • Formation of and supervision of wedding day itinerary. This is to include items such as first dance, cake cutting, garter toss, etc.
  • Email and Phone call communication leading up to the wedding.
  • 7 Hours of coverage on the day of the wedding

This package starts at $600.

Each additional hour of coverage (past 7 hours), $100.


Day of Wedding Coordination and DJ Services:

This package includes all of the Day of Coordination services listed above and your DJ services. My husband John (from CrossSound Audio) and I work as a pair to execute both your coordination services and your music needs for your ceremony and/or reception. Choosing this package provides you with a discounted rate of your Day of Coordination services.

Please inquire for cost of package.

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