Sarah & Cameron are married! A look at Rachelle Erickson Photography

June 17, 2010

I had the pleasure of recently coordinating Sarah and Cameron’s wedding at the ever so chic Hotel Monaco in Seattle.  Not only did Sarah hand make the chocolate truffles for their favors, but she also included other personal touches such as different dresses for each of the bridesmaids (all in the same color), a photo booth for their guests, and a very fun and sweet dance with her cousin.  This couple was full of fun proven by the karaoke to end the night. 

In addition to a great bride and groom, I met the ever so talented photographer Rachelle Erickson that evening.  One thing that stood out to me about Rachelle was her inviting personality and her hard work the day of the wedding.  Rachelle even had a slide show of ceremony pictures for the guests to view at the reception.   I loved her detail shots, and unique captures of the bride and groom.  Rachelle went above and beyond for this couple and it was evident in her photo’s.  You can see her additional work at her website listed below.  Please take a moment and take a look.

Florist: Denney Designs by Kristen Denney


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